Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stained glass lampshade - All Done!

Finally done!  Here's my first stained glass lampshade.  I designed it after a trip to New Orleans.  I've had the base for years.  I think I acquired it from my good friend and old band mate Ann.  I'm so glad to have finished.  Feels real good to accomplish this!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Reusable Giftwrap for Christmas

Here are some of my handcrafted reusable giftwraps for Christmas!  Here are two with Rudolph prints!  Cute for the kids!
Go to my stores to check out these and other wraps available.

Here's my video for a short demonstration.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Luz Ramos - a Real Pro!

I worked with Luz Ramos yesterday.  She is a Connecticut actress and this is the third time we've worked together in the past year.  She's getting the work because she's got the talent and skills to keep the clients happy.  Yesterday we accomplished a two day shoot in one day!  That's right, because of her professionalism and perfect reads I got paid to be home today!  Thanks Luz! 

Not that banging out good reads is what it's all about.  Luz has true warmth and is a natural on camera and she's bilingual.  She's easy to work with too - no Diva here.  Don't get me wrong, Luz demands respect as she knows her craft, but she's got a nice balance where she respects those around her too.  

She'd be a great spokesperson for an environmental product.  We talked about my new product - Reusable Giftwrap yesterday and she was very supportive as she is very conscious of our environmental issues.  She told me she stopped buying paper towels.  I dare you to do it too!

Watch for Luz on some upcoming Brotherhood episodes or check her out in some of the movies she's been in.  You can find out more about Luz at her website luzaramos.com  I can't wait to see the film that she is working on.  She's working with Chrisina Ricci and Liam Neeson on a new suspense thriller coming out next year.  Keep your eyes peeled and watch this one rise to stardom!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Niko our Malamute

Gerry and I had quite a scare yesterday when our dog Niko started behaving quite strangely.  She’s an old girl – a 13 year old Malamute – way past her age expectancy.  She has some old age issues, but she’s quite lively and having a good time in life wrestling with her adopted brother Dioji and still going on 2 mile hikes.  A couple of nights ago she vomited during the night; mostly bile but besides that she seemed relatively fine.  We thought maybe she’s just not feeling well.  The next day, she ate some breakfast and had her morning cookie, but didn’t seem to really enjoy it.  She seemed a bit mopey and we figured we’d let her relax and let her “sickness” run its course. 

Well, yesterday she woke up and vomited again this time a lot!  Still bile.  I tried to get her outside and she was totally dizzy like a drunk!  She couldn’t stand never mind walk.  She fell and I thought "this is it".  I figured her body was just failing and that  she was dying.  We called the vet and they offered us a 2:30 appointment.  We took it but figured we’d let her rest rather than drag her down to the vet and create a trauma to her on her dying day.  We were considering just calling the vet to have him come and euthanize her at home.

Then I noticed her eyes were doing something weird.  They were pulsating and flicking up an down.  Almost a weird roll.  I had Gerry call the vet again to let them know of this symptom – was it a sure bet that her system was failing or should we rush her in?

The doctor relayed that we should bring her in and that “it may not be as bad as we thought”.

Gerry carried her to the car and I sat in the back with her thinking that this might still be our last car ride together.

The doctor took one look at her and diagnosed Vestibular Syndrome.  It happens in older dogs and it actually does “run a course” but is not deadly.   

The following are signs of vestibular disease:

ataxia (lack of coordination without weakness or involuntary spasms – in  otherwords, stumbling and staggering around)


motion sickness
 - therefore vomiting



 (back and forth or rotational eye movements. The movements will be slower in one direction. This is the side where the neurologic lesion is likely to be; however, nystagmus is named according to the direction of the fast component  i.e. there may be left nystagmus but the lesion is probably on the right side of the vestibular apparatus.) 




Head tilt


Falling to one side


Trouble with other nerves controlling the head and face

Search Vestibular Syndrome for more information, but if you happen to experience this with a dog you know…. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think either!  Niko is in recovery.  She does seem a little better.  She is taking Dramamine, Zantac and an antibiotic for the ear infection she may have which is causing this.  She has a history of them, so we can safely assume this is the remedy.  She can walk around although still very dizzy.  You have to watch her so that she doesn’t stumble and hurt herself or the furniture – she’s a big dog!   We have confidence that she will recover from this.  In the meantime, she’s a spoiled girl and she loves the attention!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stained Glass Bass

Here is my first original design and the third stained glass project I ever worked on.  My first piece was a tiny three piece flower that my friend Caryn taught me to do.  You can see what Caryn is up to at Caryn B. Davis Photography.  She does some amazing work!  The second piece I worked on was from a free pattern; a coy fish.  

A friend suggested a legal size bass fish so I said "okay".  I found some pictures of bass, drew a few sketches and finally came up with this design.  I like how the tail is flipping, showing the force of movement as he goes for the lure!  The lure is handmade by my friend Brian Corey and I love the three dimensional addition.  My good friend Patrick McCauley made the frame for me.  The master of wood and design zipped it out for me in jiffy.  It was amazing to watch him work!  This piece sat in my basement shop for years because it had no frame.  THANK YOU Patrick!

This design is available on commission for $1200. if anyone is interested.  Just contact me.  The frame is not included in this price, but I can ask Patrick if he'd be willing to make another one special for you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stained glass lamp shade - a work in progress

Here's a stained glass lamp shade that I designed an am currently working on.  I was inspired by our trip to New Orleans last February.  Fleur de lis everywhere!  Although it's meaning or use is much debated, I like to think of it as as a symbol of perfection, light and life - a definition I found through research.  Since I started working on it down at Vijon Studios in Old Saybrook, away from the distractions of home, I've finally gotten most of the pieces together.  A bunch of soldering to do and I'm going to make a "window" along the bottom.  I'll post another photos when I'm done!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reusable Giftwrap by Joell Jacob

Reusable Giftwraps by Joell Jacob Designs are an earth friendly alternative to paper. This unique design created by Joell Jacob is all-inclusive - the ribbon is permanently attached and it’s easy to use! 

Circulate these washable giftwraps with your family and friends and start a new tradition.  Wrapping your gifts with Reusable Giftwraps makes it two gifts in one!   These  beautiful wraps can be used as Reusable Giftwrap or to keep delicates stored safely while in drawers or during travel.  

Use these gorgeous wraps again and again to save money and help sustain our planet by keeping paper out of our landfills.

Different sizes are available!  These wraps are perfect for wrapping books, clothing and accessories.  Use gift boxes or none!  You can assume that a piece of wrapping paper the same size could wrap the same gift appropriately.  Reusable Giftwraps are left a little longer on the folded edges to work properly.

To purchase Reusable Giftwraps by Joell Jacob go to 




Please see my video for a 2 minute tutorial.