Monday, October 27, 2008

Reusable Giftwrap by Joell Jacob

Reusable Giftwraps by Joell Jacob Designs are an earth friendly alternative to paper. This unique design created by Joell Jacob is all-inclusive - the ribbon is permanently attached and it’s easy to use! 

Circulate these washable giftwraps with your family and friends and start a new tradition.  Wrapping your gifts with Reusable Giftwraps makes it two gifts in one!   These  beautiful wraps can be used as Reusable Giftwrap or to keep delicates stored safely while in drawers or during travel.  

Use these gorgeous wraps again and again to save money and help sustain our planet by keeping paper out of our landfills.

Different sizes are available!  These wraps are perfect for wrapping books, clothing and accessories.  Use gift boxes or none!  You can assume that a piece of wrapping paper the same size could wrap the same gift appropriately.  Reusable Giftwraps are left a little longer on the folded edges to work properly.

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Please see my video for a 2 minute tutorial.

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