Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stained Glass Bass

Here is my first original design and the third stained glass project I ever worked on.  My first piece was a tiny three piece flower that my friend Caryn taught me to do.  You can see what Caryn is up to at Caryn B. Davis Photography.  She does some amazing work!  The second piece I worked on was from a free pattern; a coy fish.  

A friend suggested a legal size bass fish so I said "okay".  I found some pictures of bass, drew a few sketches and finally came up with this design.  I like how the tail is flipping, showing the force of movement as he goes for the lure!  The lure is handmade by my friend Brian Corey and I love the three dimensional addition.  My good friend Patrick McCauley made the frame for me.  The master of wood and design zipped it out for me in jiffy.  It was amazing to watch him work!  This piece sat in my basement shop for years because it had no frame.  THANK YOU Patrick!

This design is available on commission for $1200. if anyone is interested.  Just contact me.  The frame is not included in this price, but I can ask Patrick if he'd be willing to make another one special for you!

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