Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Luz Ramos - a Real Pro!

I worked with Luz Ramos yesterday.  She is a Connecticut actress and this is the third time we've worked together in the past year.  She's getting the work because she's got the talent and skills to keep the clients happy.  Yesterday we accomplished a two day shoot in one day!  That's right, because of her professionalism and perfect reads I got paid to be home today!  Thanks Luz! 

Not that banging out good reads is what it's all about.  Luz has true warmth and is a natural on camera and she's bilingual.  She's easy to work with too - no Diva here.  Don't get me wrong, Luz demands respect as she knows her craft, but she's got a nice balance where she respects those around her too.  

She'd be a great spokesperson for an environmental product.  We talked about my new product - Reusable Giftwrap yesterday and she was very supportive as she is very conscious of our environmental issues.  She told me she stopped buying paper towels.  I dare you to do it too!

Watch for Luz on some upcoming Brotherhood episodes or check her out in some of the movies she's been in.  You can find out more about Luz at her website  I can't wait to see the film that she is working on.  She's working with Chrisina Ricci and Liam Neeson on a new suspense thriller coming out next year.  Keep your eyes peeled and watch this one rise to stardom!

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