Friday, February 20, 2009

A trip to Orange County Choppers

What a coincidence.  The day after I post a picture of me and my bike on Facebook, I get a call to go work at Orange County Choppers in New York.  This was a CNBC shoot highlighting American Entrepreneurs.  What a pleasure to go see the new headquarters, check out some of the one-of-a kind bikes and meet some of the OCC guys.  Yup, I met Mikey!  Paul Sr. is just as you would imagine.  Authentic and driven.  He was nice to me even though I was there to put make-up on him.  He wasn't so keen on the idea, but as usual I used a light hand to cover any obvious problem spots for HD and all went well.  No, he doesn't use make-up on the regular show!  See their website at  Paul Sr. just published a book called "The Ride of A Lifetime".  It's going on my to read list.  Another good day in the life of a CT make-up artist!

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