Friday, January 2, 2009

Powder Puffs!

As a professional make-up artist for over 20 years, I’m always searching for the right tools.  I used to buy my powder puffs from a local beauty supply chain, but they stopped carrying them and I can’t find a replacement.  I decided to make my own with a new twist on the design and sell them on my Etsy store -  I thought that having some patterns and colors for my kit could be fun too.  

While on set I usually take care of more than just one actor or “talent for the day”.  I ALWAYS use a separate powder puff on each face for sanitary reasons.  I’ve traditionally written the talent’s name on the back of the puff with an old lip or eye pencil.  The people are always so appreciative to know they have their own puff!  With my new design, you can write their name on the tag!  After use, throw the puffs in a lingerie bag and wash regularly or hand wash.  Air dry for best results and longer life.  I like to use 1 cup of vinegar  during the last rinse cycle to kill any bacteria, keep the colors bright and to prevent lint.

For home use, write the date on your puff as a reminder and wash once a week!  Your face will appreciate it!

This set of three powder puffs is made with 100% cotton – inside and out!  The organic cotton batting inside is sewn on three sides to prevent slippage after washing.  The soft corduroy is just as soft as the velour ones I’ve always used.  I’ll be making more with new patterns as I find them.

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